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assignment needs to ignore the setter's result


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This was regressed by fatval which passes &regs.sp[x] instead of passing the address of a copy to setProperty.
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Whew! Thanks to adrake for noticing, Waldo for escalating, and Luke for patching. A trace-test is enough in my book but a purist might want an ecma_1 jsreftest.

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This was covered (badly) by ACID3, before we optimized JSOP_LENGTH, Waldo says.

In fairness to Acid3, I'm not sure there's any other property native to ECMAScript-262, 3rd ed. which has this sort of magical coerc-y behavior upon setting (and ES5 was out because of the self-imposed restriction to long-standardized functionality).  From what I can tell only Array had a magical [[Put]] implementation which did anything other than set to the provided value.  /a/.lastIndex comes close, but ES3 underspecified it enough that it's better the exact spec language wasn't lawyered into something convolutedly semi-self-consistent.  The E4X examples here are out for obvious reasons.  And ES5 getters and setters using either literal or programmatic syntax didn't even exist at that point in a standard, or their semantics were yet far from being worked out.

It hadn't occurred to me that length wasn't optimized when bug 312354 was fixed -- an example for people writing tests of why tests should address both general (some random property name, in concert with our then-extension-land setters) and specific cases (like length as Acid3 exercised) rather than the narrow bit suggested by a testcase.
Hah! if Hixie could test SMIL in Acid3, then E4X was fair game too.

Good point about generalized or wide-field-of-fire tests.

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