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Update add-on button triggers no action on click/tap event


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(Reporter: vladmaniac, Assigned: mfinkle)



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1. Open Fennec and slide the screen to the left to bring up Options Menu
2. From Options menu select add-on submenu (puzzle icon)
3. Notice the list of installed add-ons and a list of recommended add-ons at the bottom of the content area. 
4. Click on the "Update" button at right top of the menu (in the Your Addons sections) 



There should be a list of updates for all installed add-on. If no updates are available, there should be a proper notification to announce that and give some
feedback at the press/tap/click on the "Update" button. 



Tapping on "Update" button triggers no action.
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Hardware: ARM → All
Sounds like this is a UI issue: You would like some kind of visible confirmation that Fennec checked for updates, but found none. Is this right?
That's right Mark, thanks
FWIW, I had an old version of Phony 0.2.2, clicked update, and the text appeared saying "A compatibility updated has been applied".   So we need text for when there's no update available.
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I can confirm this. I had no add-ons installed, only the pre-installed search plugins. Affter pressing the update button, I don't see any indication that anything has happened.
tracking-fennec: ? → 2.0b1+
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Furthermore, Update manager seems to install the same update over and over again, if "update" button is tapped on. Is this expected? I believe it would be nice if previously installed updates would be somehow remembered. 

Echoed Message: "A compatibility update has been applied"
A new bug has been filed for the above comment #5.
Bug 588867
We don't want to popup an alert. If you have add-ons installed (real add-ons, not the search providers) then you should see some text appear in the row while we look for updates.

The search providers are not updatable, so they are ignored.

I can make a patch to simply disable the "Update" button if no updatable add-ons are installed.
Attached patch patchSplinter Review
This patch only enables the "Update" button if an updateable add-on has been installed.

During an update check, we change the strings in the add-on rows, so there is a verification that something is happening.

The patch also makes some updates to the add-on code:
* Adds the new extensions.getAddons.cache.enabled pref
* Adds a restart prompt for compatibility updates since the version bump could mean a restart is needed (we check the pendingOperations)
* I rename "addon" -> "update" and use the real addon object in the update observer now too. It's less confusing since the object being returned was not a real addon object, just some data related to the update.
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>diff --git a/app/mobile.js b/app/mobile.js
>--- a/app/mobile.js
>+++ b/app/mobile.js
>@@ -170,23 +170,23 @@ pref("extensions.ignoreMTimeChanges", fa
>+      if (!anyUpdateable)
>         document.getElementById("addons-update-all").disabled = true;

Do we ever re-enable this button?  Hmm, I guess we never need to, since this would only change after installing a new add-on and restarting Fennec.  Okay, nevermind.

>@@ -594,37 +599,41 @@ var ExtensionsView = {
>+    let addon = element.addon;

Is this used anywhere?

r=mbrubeck with that last question answered.
Attachment #470902 - Flags: review?(mbrubeck) → review+
(In reply to comment #9)

> >@@ -594,37 +599,41 @@ var ExtensionsView = {
> >+    let addon = element.addon;
> Is this used anywhere?

>           case "compatibility":
>             statusMsg = strings.getString("addonUpdate.compatibility");
>+            if (addon.pendingOperations & AddonManager.PENDING_INSTALL || addon.pendingOperations & AddonManager.PENDING_UPGRADE)
>+              updateable = true;
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