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App Tabs should restore to original position when becoming a Normal tab


(Firefox :: Tabbed Browser, defect)

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(Whiteboard: [4.0b3])

When converting an App tab back to a Normal tab, it restores directly to the right of the App Tab strip; it should return to its original position in the normal tab strip. Over time, this can lead to a lot of tab disorganization.

1. Open a few tabs
2. Make one of them an App tab (right click > "Make into App Tab")
3. Make the App tab a Normal tab (right click > "Make into Normal Tab")

Tab restores but becomes the left-most normal tab

Tab restores to its original tab bar position
It's a tricky question how those normal tabs should be restored. App tabs will probably live for a longer time in the current window. Once the user wants to restore them into normal tabs, their parents probably don't exist anymore. So I think the following questions are open:

1. Where should normal tabs be restored when the parent tab is still existent?
2. Where should normal tabs be restored if the parent tab isn't existent anymore?

Lets ask UX for feedback.
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I can see this function useful when user accidentally pin a tab and want to undo, which is pretty rare.

A more common scenario would be the user actually want to unpin an app tab that has been pinned for a while. Even if the system can remember the original position, it is very hard for the user to remember it's original position and predicts where the tab will go. So just to make things simple and predictable for the user, the tab should restore as the left-most normal tab.
Keywords: uiwanted
Closed: 8 years ago
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