selection on a display:none iframe returns different value than WebKit/Opera




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test case

See attachment. At first glance, the WebKit/Opera behavior seems more consistent. It matches what you would get in a visible iframe that had no selection in it.

Equivalent webkit bug:
Gecko's selection objects are tied to a presentation; there simply isn't one in a display:none iframe.  In particular, you can't select text in such an iframe programmatically, unlike a visible iframe.

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7 years ago
That kind of makes sense to me, but if you get the selection and then display:none the iframe, you end up in the same situation (have a Selection object inside a display:none iframe). So you still need to deal with that case anyways.

Again, I don't feel strongly about this, but I slightly prefer the consistency of the webkit/opera approach. I'll bring this up on whatwg.

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7 years ago
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display:none after getting selection

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6 years ago
The buggy function, getSelection(), isn't mentioned anywhere in this bug, so it doesn't show up in search results.

While you are deciding what the proper behavior is, I think it would be helpful to update the mozilla developer docs on the function: asserts that the function always returns a selection object, which does not reflect the current behavior when display:none is in effect.

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6 years ago
It appears getSelection no longer exists in HTML5.  I'm not sure what the relevant spec would be.

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6 years ago
Found it:

I've filed:
IE, Webkit, and Opera all seem to agree that every Window has a Selection.  This is what the spec says too.  Gecko's behavior is more complicated and in the minority, so I haven't changed the spec.
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