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Can't load utilityOverlay.js into placesOverlay.xul


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Ideally, we should declare TAB_DROP_TYPE in utilityOverlay.js and make both places (already using it) and tabbrowser (still to do) use this var from this one definition.

Firefox loads utilityOverlay.js in their placesOverlay.xul, see

When we do that on our side, we get this in the Error Console:

Error: redeclaration of const kProxyManual
Source File: chrome://communicator/content/utilityOverlay.js
Line: 56

That const is not defined anywhere else.

If we don't include utilityOverlay.js there, we get this one:

Error: TAB_DROP_TYPE is not defined
Source File: chrome://communicator/content/places/controller.js
Line: 1589

I'm papering over the latter with reintroducing the additional declaration I had in there locally before I removed it due to bug 580656 comment #10, but we should see how we can fix this properly.
Pushed the paper-over declaration as (fixing a few test failures and drag&drop of bookmarks) with rs=Callek over IRC.
Something is probably loading controller.js before utilityOverlay.js so adding another load of utilityOverlay.js just causes the redeclaration.
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I see TAB_DROP_TYPE declared in and utilityOverlay.js loaded in, is this bug still actual?
Whiteboard: [2012 Fall Equinox][CLOSEME 2012-11-01 WFM]
Resolved per whiteboard
Closed: 7 years ago
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