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Put items for search scopes into menu to expose command keys


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From bug 580662 comment #29, by Neil:
>+    <!-- Command Keys -->
>+    <key id="placesKey_find:all"
>+         command="OrganizerCommand_find:all" 
>+         key="&cmd.find.key;"
>+         modifiers="accel"/>
>+    <key id="placesKey_find:current"
>+         command="OrganizerCommand_find:current" 
>+         key="&cmd.find.key;"
>+         modifiers="accel,shift"/>
It wasn't clear that these keys existed. They're much better than the Alt+K and
Alt+R keys, especially when there's no R in the folder name (Have you seen how
ugly that looks?). I think it would be nice to add them to the menu, maybe the
Edit menu? Bonus points for dynamically updating the label, so that it becomes
obvious what they do.


This is about the search scope selector in bookmarks manager search, we should investigate that, but either only expose those when search is active or make them start a search in some way, which might be even more difficult (haven't investigated at all).
To make it clear how to see this, here are some STR:

1) Have some subfolders in your bookmarks.
2) Open the bookmarks manager and select a subfolder, preferably one without a R in its name.
3) Enter some characters in the search field of the BM.
4) See access keys exposed in the scope bar appearing underneath the search bar. The above command keys allow direct access to them but aren't exposed anywhere.
Whiteboard: [2012 Fall Equinox]
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