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We can remove inlineCallCount by combining it with the stack quota check, simplifying the stack quota check at the same time.
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part 1: cleanup, add entryFp

Precursor patch removes correctness dependency on iCC, introducing VMFrame::entryFp which is the stopping point for unwinding frames.

It also cleans up a bunch of confusing invariants in InvokeHelpers.
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part 1.1: add entryFp for x86, x64
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Largest frame size on SS is 656 bytes, average is 184.
Largest frame size on v8 is 1344 bytes, average is 175.

Multiplying our current max-inline-callcount (3000) by these numbers, either as-is or generously increased, results in a huge portion of our contiguous stack.

On Windows, we still have to check the committed region of the contiguous stack. Luke points out that we can check MIN(committed, maxDepth) to take a slow path, and figure out whether we've over-recursed or just need to commit more from there. This will keep the fast single-check on Windows without reporting more memory usage.
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part 2: remove VMFrame::inlineCallCount
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part 3: combine commit and overrecursion checks
So far this is a 1% SS win, 5% v8 win on my machine.
On graphs this was a 1% SS win, 3% v8 win.
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
According to "hg bisect", d7b81bd995c3 broke most of the trace-tests for ARM.
ARM fixes:

The VMFrame construction code in JaegerTrampoline hadn't been updated for ARM.
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