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Remove image map quirk from bug 264624


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No other browser has this particular quirk, and the testcases in bug 264624 all pass without it. (I think thanks to the HTML5 parser.)
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Patch v1

Since Mats fixed Bug 264624, he could review this.
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Patch v1

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Patch v1

The code change looks good, but the test doesn't do what it's
supposed to do.  First, you need to include the script
"/tests/SimpleTest/EventUtils.js" for synthesizeMouse,
then the test also passes without the code change because
50,50 is actually outside the image (which is the builtin
"broken URL" image).  Clicking at 2,2 should work.
r=mats with that
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EventUtils.js was already included, and I fixed the src and the coords to ensure I hit the right thing.
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Am I correctly interpreting this code as we no longer skip over empty maps in favor of non-empty ones if we find a matching empty map before a non-empty one, when in quirks mode?
You are.
OK, I need to clarify further. Are we talking about empty vs. non-empty map areas or maps?
maps, as in the test:

<map name=a></map>
<map name=a><area shape=rect coords=25,25,75,75 href=#fail></map>
<img usemap=#a src=image.png>
Documentation updated:

Also mentioned on Firefox 5 for developers.
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