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make install doesn't work with omnijar


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Our Ubuntu daily builds from mozilla-central are currently failing since the introduction of

What is happening is that "make install" is installing all the uncompressed chrome in to the chrome/ folder, and no omni.jar is being created anywhere in the build.

Talking to bsmedberg on IRC:

<chrisccoulson> hi, we've just got the omnijar changes in our ubuntu daily builds, and i'm not sure if i'm missing something in the build, but "make install" is installing lots of unpacked files in chrome/ , and there is no omni.jar file being created anywhere
 i assume that's not expected is it?
<bsmedberg> no
 doesn't make install do `make package` and then unpack it?
 oh, no it doesn't
 it does stage-package and then hand-installs stuff
<bsmedberg> chrisccoulson: is this FF-on-XR, or standalone?
<bsmedberg> FF-on-XR probably shouldn't be using omnijar
<chrisccoulson> bsmedberg,  this is standalone (if, by "standalone" you mean that we're building it with all the internal bundled libraries)
 should i not use make install for our builds?
<bsmedberg> I'm mean not on a separate xulrunner.
<chrisccoulson> yeah, we don't use a separate xulrunner anymore in ubuntu
<bsmedberg> make install probably needs to be fixed
 It's certainly not something that we actively test.
Here is a patch which I'm currently using in our Ubuntu nightly builds. It adds an extra step to the install target to build the omni.jar after running stage-package
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