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try server is merging some/all unittest builds


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I have a build on try server right now (13434c8171b5) and above me is rfrostig.  The first patch in his list of patches is 187c15834a73.  I'm getting mail for both his and my results:

Your Try Server test (187c15834a73) completed with warnings on  on builder: Rev3 MacOSX Snow Leopard 10.6.2 tryserver debug test mochitests-1/5.

It should be available for download at


Your Try Server test (13434c8171b5) was successfully completed on win32 on builder: WINNT 5.2 tryserver debug test reftest.

It should be available for download at


It seems to currently be isolated to the Mac 10.6 builders and Linux.
I should add that seems to be reporting OK, as is tinderbox.
Your test-run got merged together with his, and dwitte's. Froystig's was the newest change, so it got tested and you and dwitte got blamed, in addition to froystig.
Summary: Try Server mail reporting results for multiple changesets → try server is merging some/all unittest builds
For what it's worth (probably more helpful for those affected than those fixing this).  We're all "To:" recipients on these emails, which yields a good indicator for suspecting incoming results as bogus.
This regressed when we switched to Buildbot-0.8.0 by the looks of it. Catlee says that treeStableTimer is supposed to be None, not 0:

Fix is incoming very soon.
Fix has landed, going to retrigger dave's tests as verification
Whiteboard: [tryserver]
(In reply to comment #5)
> Fix has landed, going to retrigger dave's tests as verification

Found in triage; pushing towards bhearsum as he's actually working on this.
Assignee: nobody → bhearsum
I've retriggered Linux and Mac for dave's push.

We won't actually be able to confirm this is fixed until we have a few things queued up, though.

If anyone else needs tests retriggered, please say so, with the revision.
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Looks like similar tryserver build-merging is happening again right now.  Looking at Tinderbox+Pushlog (, about six pushes have not triggered any builds, but the push of changeset 8381fb9a63e9 by Patrick Walton has triggered very many pushes under Patrick's entry alone.

Let me know if you think this warrants a new bug filed instead of reopening (or feel free to do so).
Resolution: FIXED → ---
False alarm.  Just as I submitted the comment, someone elsewhere seems to have noticed this.  Patrick's entry no longer reports very many builds.  I'll try to find and follow the bug where this new issue is apparently being tracked.  Apologies for contributions to the uproar.
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