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Recover from bug 552703 test outage after upgrading buildbotcustom


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I upgraded buildbotcustom on the SeaMonkey buildmaster yesterday, since then, no tests are running, because we do the sendchange from the slaves now but the config refers to localhost to send changes to.

Also, if I manually try the sendchange command on (Linux) slaves (with the right master), the master doesn't get anything.

A sample command I used on a slave is:
python /builds/slave/comm-central-trunk-linux-debug/tools/buildfarm/utils/ -s 5 -t 1800 -r 5 buildbot sendchange --master --username sendchange-unittest --branch comm-central-trunk-linux-debug-unittest --revision d0dfea29e25261b5df9c25281a42d0c9862af574

All I get is a loop of 5 retries, but no change displayed on the master, no tests triggered, no error messages.

The original bug also talks about some adaptations possibly needed on the slaves, esp. on Windows, and a cryptic script for others which I have no clue what it's doing. Need to dig into that.
Chris, Rail, any chance you can help me here (IRC or here, whatever you like)?

I am unsure where to go from here, i.e. what changes I need (other than the buildbotcustom and changes in here) to get this working, and currently, SeaMonkey is running no tests at all due to that. :(
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Apparently, some old buildbot is still around on the Linux slaves, so I'm doing this on all of them:
sudo rm -rf /tools/python/bin/buildbot /tools/python/lib/python2.5/site-packages/{twisted.pth,zope.pth,buildbot*}

That should make us find the correct buildbot in /tools/buildbot, which is in the path. is the fix for the configs.
Hehe, it looks like this time, Linux was the more difficult part of all, which is unusual. Manual tests on Mac and Windows slaves look good, so let's see if this just was it.
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