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ensure proper minimum Mac OS X system version is set for each architecture


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Currently if you try to run an i386/x86_64 universal binary on Mac OS X 10.5 you'll get a crash when the OS tries to run the x86_64 component of the universal binary, which it does by default. We need to use "LSMinimumSystemVersionByArchitecture" to specify the minimum OS version for each architecture.

"LSMinimumSystemVersionByArchitecture" can be safely used in conjunction with the more general "LSMinimumSystemVersion".
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blocking2.0: --- → beta5+
Note, there shouldn't be any problem specifying the minimum required OS for both i386 and x86_64 even when a binary is not universal and contains only one architecture.
Hmm, this doesn't solve the problem for x86_64-only binaries on 10.5. Apparently "LSMinimumSystemVersionByArchitecture" is not used when the binary is not universal. It doesn't do any harm to have it there, but it doesn't fix the the non-universal x86_64 on 10.5 problem.
Summary: use LSMinimumSystemVersionByArchitecture to set minimum OS per architecture on Mac OS X → ensure proper minimum Mac OS X system version is set for each architecture
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Apparently nothing fixes the non-universal x86_64 on 10.5 problem. No combination of "LSMinimumSystemVersion" or "LSMinimumSystemVersionByArchitecture" fixes the problem so we should probably just go with my original patch.
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