The Style panel should show the .style property value for each parent




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7 years ago
Currently we only list rules (selectors) for the property the user expanded. We also list ... to show the property value of the element the user has highlighted. This way we take into consideration properties from the highlighted element.

Still, we are missing values given to the inspected property (say color) from the parent elements. For example:

<body style="color: blue">
<p>hello world!</p>

The blue value for the color property does not show in the current Style panel. We need a way to present this information to the user.

One way would be to show the short name of each parent element like this:

BODY[0] → blue

The status we show on the right column is of dispute. We can't show "parent match", because it's not a rule selector that matched one of the parent elements. Nor can we show "inherited" because the color:blue property on BODY is not inherited from some other parent - it's set *there*. (notice the semantical and logical factors coming into play). Suggestions for a better status name? We could use a status like "LOCAL RULE", "LOCAL STYLE", "LOCAL PROPERTY" or simply "LOCAL". This would be then displayed for the row that shows the highlighted, and for the rows that show the property value from each parent element.

Additionally, we need to think of the UI matter: we want to remove the right column that displays the status. Limi will prepare some mockups which use better styling for conveying the status.


7 years ago
Assignee: nobody → jwalker
Whiteboard: [kd4b5]

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7 years ago
Just making a note that Joe and Mihai think that this will not require any new strings.
Whiteboard: [kd4b5] → [kd4b6]

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7 years ago
Correct. No new strings used. I have implemented this in bug 589849. If we switch to that code, we can mark this issue as fixed.


7 years ago
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7 years ago
Removing items from kd4b6.
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7 years ago
Reprioritizing bugs. You can filter the mail on the word TEABAGS.
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