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Update WebGL tests to upstream r12308, and Mochitest improvements


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This patch does 3 things:

 * it syncs our copy of the WebGL tests with upstream ( svn revision 12308.

 * for the errors about having to remove a page from failing_tests.txt, it only considers OSMesa results. This avoids inconsistent errors when testing with native GL.

 * it adds useful, parsable console output about test results:
   -- successful pages give 'WebGL test page successful: ' + filename
   -- failing pages give 'WebGL test error: test page failure: ' + filename
   -- pages timing out give 'WebGL test error: test page timeout: ' + filename
   -- pages that must me removed from failing_tests.txt give 'WebGL test error: page must be removed from failing_tests.txt: ' + filename

So for example, you could run the mochitest like this if you want to record this info:

EXTRA_TEST_ARGS='--setpref=webgl.osmesalib=\"\"' TEST_PATH=content/canvas/test/webgl/test_webgl_conformance_test_suite.html make mochitest-plain 2>&1 | tee log

And you can then parse this info like this:

 - If you want a list of successful WebGL test pages:

grep 'WebGL test page successful' log

 - If you want a list of WebGL test page having errors:

grep 'WebGL test error' log

 - If you want to update failing_tests.txt:

grep 'WebGL test error' log | cut -d ':' -f 3 | cut -d ' ' -f 2 > failing_tests.txt

This blocks 589814 because it makes Armen's life easier (the logging, and also the number of timeouts reduced to 1 and that's actually a plain JS error so will give same result everywhere).
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Update WebGL tests to upstream r12308, and Mochitest improvements

Looks great, land away!
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Notice that the last timeout remaining is the plain JS error reported there:
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