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the "launch with temporary profile" should gray out the profile list


(Testing Graveyard :: ProfileManager, enhancement)

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Currently, "launch with temporary profile" is a checkbox.  checking it and clicking "Start firefox" will create a temporary profile and start firefox with it.  However, the ui is counter-intuitive.  See screenshot.  Functionality would appear less ambiguous if the profiles were grayed out when checked
Attached image checkbox
However, solving this bug presents another UI SNAFU:  if the box is checked (currently) you can still "do stuff" with profiles.  If this bug is fixed, you won't be able to, having to click off the checkbox if you want to change something.  Maybe it's better to have a separate button? or???
So I've implemented a different UI for this:  the user can select via radio buttons whether to launch with the selected profile or a temporary profile.  I hope this makes it clearer for end users, since I believe we decided we did not want to gray out the main profile list.

If we don't like this and can think of some better alternative, we'll file a new bug.
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