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Allow themes to set 'chromemargin'


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The new 'chromemargin' attribute on xul window allows to define the margin applied on the chrome (the windows border/frame).
chromemargin:0,0,0,0 removes all systems window frame.
chromemargin:-1,-1,-1,-1 enables systems window frame.
chromemargin:n,n,n,n (n>0) adds a margin between the window frame and chrome.

For themes like Walnut/Walnut2 it would be nice if chromemargin:0,0,0,0 could be enabled, allowing to also apply (replace) styling on the windows frame, not just the menubar.
Attached image walnut - apply update
I think this is the right place for this: screenshots attached
Attached image walnut - about
Actually, this is not place to report these bug. Either gmail me directly, or file separate bug. The 'about' issue seems like an issue of the outline rendering not of my theme.
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