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Need door hanger notification for number of pending updates (manual update)


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As given as part of the mockup on bug 562622 we want to show a door hanger notification on start-up which informs the user of pending manual updates.

How often do we want to show it? During each start-up, once a day or by the usual update check timer? With the latter one we could also show that information during a session and not only on start-up.

Lets ask Jennifer.
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That isn't what I took from the meeting at all, I believed we were talking about notification about applied updates. Needs clarification before we can block on it.
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Well, right now we don't have any information to the user if add-on updates are pending download/installation. Users will never notice that updates are available for their add-ons which have been marked as manual to update. This issue I was referring to in the meeting. Also see the wording in the mock-up (attachment 442501 [details]):

Available updates are shown with a number of item. The users also sees a doorhanger notification on startup.
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