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I've now got my own blog set up, and I'd like Planet MoMo to point to that.  The feed for all posts with the "Mozilla" category is at:

I've imported all the posts from my old blog; I'm wondering if there's a possible gotcha here: would the Planet software refeed a bunch of my old posts that Planet MoMo readers have already seen?  Or is there some way to tell it to only aggregate from a certain date forwards?

If a date is needed, from yesterday forwards would be great.
Yes, it will treat them as the new posts that they are (and I think would even if your import had retained the previous entry <atom:id> values like it should have, since unfortunately treating <atom:id> as globally unique doesn't really work).

You can cut down on some of the reprinting by adding "ignore_in_feed = updated" to dmose's section of config.ini - the current feed claims that every post was <atom:updated> on the 10th or 11th, when in fact that update was only of interest to WordPress ("yay, we snagged another!") and not to either readers or the author. That should wind up with only the most recent one or two fitting into the first page.

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Thanks for the tip, Phil!
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fixed in r74276
Last Resolved: 8 years ago
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