try parameter "--build opt" yields debug builds



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My latest push to try [1] had the following commit message:

  Bug 573948: Use libjpeg-turbo instead of libjpeg. try: --build opt --p all --m none --u none --t none 

However, I'm apparently getting debug, not opt builds.

IIRC you should use '--build  o'. Which doc says opt ?
Well, that could certainly be the problem. says

  "Build Types: both(do) || opt(o) || debug(d) || m-c all override (all)"

and I thought this meant that "both", "opt", and "debug" were aliases for "do", "o", and "d".  But perhaps not.

Not to take us off topic, but I find the syntax a bit strange in general.  Why is it --build and not --b when all the other flags are just one letter?  And why do the one-letter flags get two dashes instead of just one?  Something with long and short-form flags and options would feel more familiar to me.
I'd be happy to close this as WORKSFORME if we update the wiki page to be more explicit.  I'd do it myself, but I'm still not sure I understand all the options.  (What's "m-c all override"?)

I can file a separate bug for making the syntax more familiar.  See also Bug 591688.
I filed Bug 591690 for the syntax gripes.
Other bug is addressing some of these concerns, as well as the bug on user input validation via hg commit hook so closing this as WONTFIX since the syntax does not claim that --build opt should in fact yield opt builds (it's --build o right now).
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Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
The bug here really is that the line

  "Build Types: both(do) || opt(o) || debug(d) || m-c all override (all)"

in the documentation is confusing.  I've updated the wiki page.
Thanks Justin - your help in ironing out issues with this new feature is greatly appreciated.
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