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Tag filtering UI for support questions needed


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We need some kind of UI for selecting a tag that you'd like to filter support questions by. The current interface only lets you select from the tags that are visible on individual questions. There isn't a master list of tags to select from. It could be something simple like they use at stack overflow. Here's a two minute video I made about this feature on a stack overflow clone - it really speeds up finding the things you want to answer.
Chris, can you help out?
Assignee: nobody → chowse
Michael: What do you think?
The only problem with this is that you can really only select tags that you know about. What does this interface gain us over a simple list of tags? You could put the list behind that filter questions button if you're worried about cluttering up the design. Is the list of tags really long? I thought it was going to be a admin controlled list, so hopefully won't be enormous.
We have about 100 tags so far, most of them representing firefox versions and operating systems.
Here is a list of the tags used in the forums:

Here's the breakdown:
* 6 tags for the product: Fx, Mobile, Sync, etc.
* 7 tags for the type of problem: data, crash, website, etc.
* Tags for each OS
* Tags for each product version

Most (all?) of these tags are mutually exclusive, so I originally considered proposing a series of drop-downs for each category (product, version, os, type), but I don't think we have the infrastructure to determine what 'category' a tag belongs to.

Alternately, I could just list the 'type of problem' tags and perhaps a few common/exemplary OS/version tags as examples.
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> Most (all?) of these tags are mutually exclusive

To clarify: the tags _within each group_ are mutually exclusive, i.e. only one OS tag, one product tag, etc.
Thanks for explanation. Given that, this looks like a good solution.
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> I don't think we have the infrastructure to determine what
> 'category' a tag belongs to.

We don't. Nor do we have any reasonable way of adding it.
Since there hasn't been any more feedback on this recently, I'm considering these designs final and ready for development.
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Reopening so someone will actually implement it. ;)
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> Since there hasn't been any more feedback on this recently, I'm considering
> these designs final and ready for development.

Given how much the UI has changed, I think we need to revisit this. We also want to elevate at least "Mobile" and "Desktop" (possibly the other products, Sync and Home as well) in the UI so those tags are much more prominent and easy to get to.

Tentatively assigning to Chris: I'm hoping you'll know if you or Jason would have time to dig into this next quarter. The earlier the better but we're flexible.
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Target Milestone: 2011Q2 → 2011Q3
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This is in a weird state right now. Assigning to Crystal but removing any milestone.

Crystal, if this is not within the realm of things you're planning on working on, feel free to unassign. But I suspect this may be somehow solved, from a UI standpoint, along with the other taxonomic questions.
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This is one of those that's would be an indirect help to users. Doing something here would make it way easier for people (especially those without prior sumo experience, e.g. other Mozilla employees) to quickly pick a few good questions to answer, hopefully resulting in more people answering questions.
FYI, I met with the consultant from Nielsen yesterday. The taxonomy deliverable will include a controlled vocabulary to be used in both KB and forum posts. 

I'll work on the UI implementation. In short, we'll need an autocomplete field plus a list of the full controlled vocabulary (the full list of tags) in alphabetical order which will promote tag discovery.
Prototype action

My spriting isn't quite right. Chowse's original pngs are at
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This looks awesome.
Duplicate of this bug: 694363
Assignee: cbeasley → rrosario
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Target Milestone: 2011-11-01 → 2011-11-08
We'll probably want to iterate on this. Play with it on stage and file new bugs for improvements/issues.
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Verified filtering displays and functions
Are the discoverable tags intended to be in alphabetical order, they do not seem to be. Look for instance at the versions of firefox and the other tags within that listing range

Does this bug need reopening, or a new bug filed?
(In reply to John Hesling [:John99] from comment #21)
> Does this bug need reopening, or a new bug filed?

Please file a new bug about the ordering issue. Thanks!
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