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Update the BYOB Homepage


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Update the BYOB homepage with new logo and iconography, then update the page with the latest CSS.

From Kev Needham:

> Homepage - final clean-up of the bullet points. Are we using the hardhat
> icons for these? If so, I'll file a bug. Just wanted to know if there was 
> anything else you saw as being required. 

The latest CSS styling is currently here:
Assignee: nobody → chowse
Attached image BYOB Panel Icons
Feedback needed: I'm experimenting with several icons for the panels that make up the front page, and I'm wondering what people think of each.

* For How can BYOB benefit your organization?
  I prefer the 'check in a box', even if it is a little generic. The hard hat
  icon and variations don't match up well with the adjacent copy. 

* What browsers are others making?
  I actually like the hard hat as a generic icon for users' creations. It's
  a little bold compared to the surrounding content, but it's far enough down
  the page that I don't think it'd be distracting.
Sweet, Chris.

For the benefits, I like either the checkbox or the rounded square with the inset hardhat. Agree the checkbox imagery makes more sense.

I like the hardhat as well... maybe if we change it from yellow to either the FX red or Mozilla blue it'd be a little less bold. Any way works, I do like it.
Final design posted:

All that's left is to create a poster frame for the video, for which I'm waiting on a little help from Engagement. This will have little affect the CSS, so feel free to start coding whenever you like.
Assignee: chris → nobody
Footer says:

Copyright © 2005 - 2010 Mozilla

Needs to be updated to 2012.
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