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Only build hudservice for Firefox


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Firefox 4.0b7


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As the Web Console is currently implemented in Firefox-specific ways, it's best if it's just not built for other applications.

I understand that going for bug 579909 fully and moving to browser/ is probably not in the cards in the rush to get a FF4 release stabilized, so just adding an ifdef to only build the service and tests for FF is probably the easiest thing. Having the theme files around in the JARs is not a problem, but e.g. having the tests run for other products or possibly add-ons wrongly believing they can hook into the Web Console is not what we should have in apps that can't support this.

I have an easy ifdef patch around, will attach in a minute.
And here's the easy ifdef patch. In theory, I could test for MOZ_PHOENIX instead, but some time ago, I have heard that testing for MOZ_BUILD_APP is preferred. Still, I'll leave that up to review.
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just ifdef it FF-only

I'm going to delegate this to ted since he'll be able to answer comment 1 better than I.
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just ifdef it FF-only

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This broke "firefox on top of xulrunner" builds as toolkit is part of xulrunner but is not built as browser.
I opened bug 601907 as a followup to this to look into the Firefox on xulrunner problem.
Oops, sorry, I discussed with khuey already and filed 601890 (forgot to mention here)
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