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android has decided not to support SysV shmem (OK) or POSIX shmem slash /dev/shm (sigh), and instead created two new shmem implementations in their kernel.  One is /dev/ashmem, which is non-physically-contiguous shmem that can be thrown out at any time when there's memory pressure (that is, just like /dev/shm except the throw-out-at-arbitrary-times bit).  It appears that mappings can be pinned, but I'm not sure that's a game we want to play.  The other is /dev/pmem, which allocates physically contiguous regions that can't be thrown out.  We don't want to touch that except for something like a video decoder.

The current android shmem implementation is mapping real files, and it's slow.  This bug covers getting us to use /dev/ashmem.  We'll need to gracefully deal with mappings being tossed out behind our back, but that's (probably) post-b1 work for a followup.
This blocks b1.
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part 1: Factor out chromium-implemented SharedMemoryBasic in preparation for an android-specific impl

Nothing objectionable in here!
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part 2: Add a SharedMemoryBasic impl that uses /dev/ashmem on android

How about __android_log_print for logging? strerr isn't too useful on android most of the time unless you're redirecting it to a file. See for an example.
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