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tabs open on synced computers should be indicated in awesomelist results


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This is shown in this mockup:

When a user is searching in the awesomescreen, and an item in the list is a currently open tab on a remote browser, we should indicate that with an icon in the spot indicated.

The android theme mockups are a more up-to-date depiction of placement and style of this icon.
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I''ve decided to use the badge helper to do this, mostly because I was looking for a way to not slow down the awesome screen.
It could be not the best decision but I think it makes sense.
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I like doing this in a delayed manner, but I think we should split it out from the badge system. Can you just add a separate remote badge check and method in the binding itself? I don't think we want add-ons to mess around with this badge.
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Just move the remote badge code before the generic badge code. If I had to prioritize, I would say that the remote badges should become visible first. The generic badges might be time consuming.
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>+              // once we have check badges, check if the tab is in the remote list
>+              if (!Weave.Service.isLoggedIn)
>+                return;
>+              for (let i = 0; i < remoteItems.length; i++) {
>+                let remoteURI = remoteItems[i].uri;
>+                if (remoteURI) {
>+                  let itemHost =, null, null);
>+                  let remoteHost =, null, null);
>+                  if (itemHost.equals(remoteHost))
>+                    item.setAttribute("remote", "true");
>+                }

I am wondering how slow this will be. For people like me, the remoteItems array could be a few hundred items. Well need to keep an eye on this.
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