Make <feImage> work with xlink:href=[svg-image.svg]




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Filing this bug on getting <feImage> to work with SVG images.  Note that this uses separate code from SVG's <image> tag -- the code in question is in nsSVGFEImageElement::Filter(), here:

5510 nsSVGFEImageElement::Filter(nsSVGFilterInstance *instance,
5511                             const nsTArray<const Image*>& aSources,
5512                             const Image* aTarget,
5513                             const nsIntRect& rect)
5526   nsCOMPtr<imgIContainer> imageContainer;
5527   if (currentRequest)
5528     currentRequest->GetImage(getter_AddRefs(imageContainer));
5530   nsRefPtr<gfxASurface> currentFrame;
5531   if (imageContainer)
5532     imageContainer->GetFrame(imgIContainer::FRAME_CURRENT,
5533                              imgIContainer::FLAG_SYNC_DECODE,
5534                              getter_AddRefs(currentFrame));
Note that imgIContainer::GetFrame isn't implemented yet for SVG-as-image.
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testcase with PNG image

Here's a simple <feImage> testcase using a PNG image. (This works, since it's using a PNG image rather than an SVG image.)
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(helper SVG image)
Created attachment 476975 [details]
testcase w/ SVG image
Created attachment 476976 [details]
testcase with SVG image

Opera (which I'm using for comparison) isn't displaying the SVG image when it's hosted on bugzilla, so I'm re-attaching the SVG-image-version with a data-URL-encoded SVG image.
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Attachment #476971 - Attachment description: testcase w/ PNG image → testcase with PNG image

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7 years ago
See also bug 455986 which may be a superset of this.
Hm -- bug 455986 seems to be primarily about something else, actually.  Based on its first comment & its first testcase, it seems to focus on "make <feImage> work with xlink:href="foo.svg#someId" -- to get behavior like <use>.  I think it makes sense to keep that bug separate from this one.

So really, we should be detecting the type of <feImage>'s URI (just whether it contains a "#" character).  If it looks like a reference to some element's ID, we want to behave like <use> (bug 455986), and otherwise, we want to behave like <image> (this bug).

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6 years ago
Seems to work now in Firefox 7.
Last Resolved: 6 years ago
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WFM in Firefox 4, in fact
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As noted in comment 0, at the point I filed this bug, imgIContainer::GetFrame wasn't implemented yet for SVG-as-image. (and feImage relies on GetFrame)

So, this was almost certainly fixed by
> Bug 589558, patch 1: Implement VectorImage::GetFrame & CopyFrame, using Draw. r=joe a=blocking-betaN+
Depends on: 589558
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