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Allow developers to run mochitest-1 ... mochitest-5 by simply specifying those as a make target


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allow developers to specify:

|make mochitest-1| |make mochitest-2| etc. to mimic the buildbot behavior rather than needing to run the whole suite or dig up the buildbot syntax when they need to reproduce an issue found by try.
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I think we should make the total number of chunks a variable that can be overriden (TOTAL_CHUNKS ?= 5) so that in the future it'll be trivial to move from 5 chunks to 6 on buildbot.
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Actually, r-.  This will break mochitest-chrome, etc.
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Callek points out on IRC that I'm wrong about that.
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address an IRC nit
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Yea, this won't break mochitest-chrome as explicit targets override any wildcard ones. So we are safe there.
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and after doing qref on the right patch
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and let comm-central use the magic from root @objdir@
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better patch (and it doesn't error out)
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comm-central patch v1.1

I wonder a bit why we can't have those targets in one list, but the main thing is that it works. :)
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(In reply to comment #9)
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> comm-central patch v1.1

I pushed this before the m-c patch, it won't break anything and doing the mochitest-1 .. 5 attempt prior to m-c patch landing will now just error in the m-c makefile rather than the c-c one.

That said, the reason this needs a new target-line is that we can't mix explicit and implicit rules. (using % makes this an implicit rule)
The only downside here is that this will let you run "make mochitest-anything" and it will use that rule. You could write this as a static pattern rule, instead, which would only match explicitly what you tell it to, like:

mochitest-1 mochitest-2 mochitest-3 mochitest-4 mochitest-5: mochitest-%:
	echo "mochitest: $* / 5"
then only mochitest-1 to mochitest-5 would be accepted.
Attached patch v3Splinter Review
Address teds nits.

Since ted wanted me to hard-code the acceptable "this chunk" part, I took out the total-chunks var. (no sense in allowing someone to set 6 chunks, but only go up to 5).

Requesting a formal review. [the concept/patch still has r=khuey]
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You don't need the echo, that was just me being lazy and not wanting to copy the full command there.
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> v3 [per IRC keeping the echo was ok]
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Added a section to the documentation here:

Would appreciate a quick review; it's only a couple of short paragraphs.
I s/Firefox 4/Gecko 2/'d since this is core functionality.
sheppy, unrelated but your template stuff seems to have broke the anchor link...
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