Link js staticially for libxul builds (port bug 580407 / bug 587375)

RESOLVED FIXED in Thunderbird 3.3a1


9 years ago
9 years ago


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Thunderbird 3.3a1
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9 years ago
We're currently forcing a shared js library for builds. With our libxul goodness we can easily pick up the static version by porting a couple of bugs.

I have a patch in progress for this.

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9 years ago
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This removes the old hacks to disable static js library completely and ports the appropriate code to make static/shared js work correctly.

Note this is currently just Mac and Linux only - see the bit in (though the bug reference is weird but I can just about see what's happening there and its the same as per m-c).
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The fix

>-# Make sure we've got js set to shared or static appropriately
>-if test -z "$JS_SHARED_LIBRARY"; then
>-    ac_configure_args="$ac_configure_args --enable-shared-js"

Why remove this, won't we just want to flip to --disable-shared-js per

If i'm wrong convince me, otherwise r+. ;-)
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9 years ago
(In reply to comment #2)
> Why remove this, won't we just want to flip to --disable-shared-js per

Answered over irc - we've now got the same default as mozilla-central, so we don't actually need to explicitly specify the argument - if the developer specifies it, then the existing code will pass the argument on as well.

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