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parallel xforms and schema-validation build sometimes fails due to race


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Since bug 463385 modified extensions/ to use PARALLEL_DIRS instead of DIRS for all extensions we have a race condition when doing parallel builds of schema-validation and xforms.

xforms (in adds schema-validation to its DIRS, causing it to be built twice in parallel (once from extensions/Makefile and once from extensions/xforms/Makefile). This may work from time to time, but generally gives errors like this one:

/home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/obj-debug/config/nsinstall -R -m 644 /home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/extensions/schema-validation/public/nsISVSchemaErrorHandler.idl /home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/extensions/schema-validation/public/nsISVSchema.idl /home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/extensions/schema-validation/public/nsISVSchemaLoader.idl /home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/extensions/schema-validation/public/nsISchemaValidator.idl /home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/extensions/schema-validation/public/nsISchemaDuration.idl /home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/extensions/schema-validation/public/nsISchemaValidatorRegexp.idl ../../../dist/idl
/home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/obj-debug/config/nsinstall: cannot make symbolic link /home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/obj-debug/dist/idl/nsISVSchemaLoader.idl: File exists
make[6]: *** [export] Fehler 1
make[6]: Leaving directory `/home/philipp/src/mozilla-central/obj-debug/extensions/schema-validation/public'

Neil, since you made this change initially, do you have an idea how to solve this? Or could you CC someone else that might know how? ;)
ah wrong bug, I meant bug 462381 and that means Mitchell instead of Neil. The question above stays the same. Sorry for the confusion.
Ah, so xforms depends on schema-validation, and unconditionally builds it? Can you not remove schema-validation from your --enable-extensions list?
Thanks Neil, that seems to work indeed (simple and easy!) It only needs a small patch to the to remove the enforcement of that schema-validation dependency. I've attached a patch, but I'll do some more tests on different platforms before asking for review on this one.
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patch to

Requesting approval2.0 because we need this for XForms to build reliably with Gecko 2.0.
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Philipp, did you start try server build? That's good guarantee the patch is safe to checkin?
yes, it builds on all platforms.
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