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Create add-on collection(s) to present on the Add-on Discovery pane


(SeaMonkey :: Project Organization, defect)

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For the new "Get Add-ons" page or "discovery pane", we need at least one Add-on collection to present items in the center area of that page, along with a one-line header to present with each one.

We need to create at least one such collection and then forward this bug to the AMO guys to set it to be listed there.
I just created to be listed there (only one add-on added for now).

Justin, what do we need to do to get it put up in the discovery pane? Does it need to be publicly visible?
Philip, Justin, please feel free to suggest add-ons we should list there, for now I have put Lightning there just as a test (not to mention that we should advertise Lightning more to our users).
Assignee: nobody → kairo
Assignee: kairo → nobody
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