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Intermittent timeout in js1_8_5/regress/regress-595365-1.js and js1_8_5/regress/regress-595365-2.js


(Core :: JavaScript Engine, defect)

Windows Server 2003
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(Reporter: philor, Unassigned)



(Keywords: intermittent-failure)

I don't feel great about this bug, given that these two instances were interspersed with bug 602736 in a set of four run in a row that all timed out, but I'll never remember having seen them before if they happen again, unless I file them.
WINNT 5.2 tracemonkey debug test jsreftest on 2010/10/07 17:49:53
s: win32-slave20

REFTEST TEST-START | file:///e:/builds/moz2_slave/tracemonkey-win32-debug-unittest-jsreftest/build/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/regress/regress-595365-2.js
--DOMWINDOW == 7 (16B74E08) [serial = 5731] [outer = 032B9FA8] [url = file:///e:/builds/moz2_slave/tracemonkey-win32-debug-unittest-jsreftest/build/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/regress/regress-595365-1.js]
++DOMWINDOW == 8 (16B74E08) [serial = 5733] [outer = 032B9FA8]
--DOMWINDOW == 7 (178741A0) [serial = 5732] [outer = 032B9FA8] [url = data:text/html,%3C%21%2D%2DCLEAR%2D%2D%3E]

command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed
WINNT 5.2 tracemonkey debug test jsreftest on 2010/10/07 16:27:56
s: win32-slave42

REFTEST TEST-START | file:///e:/builds/moz2_slave/tracemonkey-win32-debug-unittest-jsreftest/build/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/regress/regress-595365-1.js
--DOMWINDOW == 7 (17D86FA8) [serial = 5729] [outer = 03A7B5A0] [url = file:///e:/builds/moz2_slave/tracemonkey-win32-debug-unittest-jsreftest/build/jsreftest/tests/jsreftest.html?test=js1_8_5/regress/regress-595230-2.js]
++DOMWINDOW == 8 (17D86FA8) [serial = 5731] [outer = 03A7B5A0]
--DOMWINDOW == 7 (17994138) [serial = 5730] [outer = 03A7B5A0] [url = data:text/html,%3C%21%2D%2DCLEAR%2D%2D%3E]

command timed out: 7200 seconds elapsed
Mass marking whiteboard:[orange] bugs WFM (to clean up TBPL bug suggestions) that:
* Haven't changed in > 6months
* Whose whiteboard contains none of the strings: {disabled,marked,random,fuzzy,todo,fails,failing,annotated,leave open,time-bomb}
* Passed a (quick) manual inspection of bug summary/whiteboard to ensure they weren't a false positive.

I've also gone through and searched for cases where the whiteboard wasn't labelled correctly after test disabling, by using attachment description & basic comment searches. However if the test for which this bug was about has in fact been disabled/annotated/..., please accept my apologies & reopen/mark the whiteboard appropriately so this doesn't get re-closed in the future (and please ping me via IRC or email so I can try to tweak the saved searches to avoid more edge cases).

Sorry for the spam! Filter on: #FFA500
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
Whiteboard: [orange]
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