should allow you to upload SVG files for header/footer images



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9 years ago
Now that bug 276431 is fixed, Firefox nightly builds supports SVG images, including handling them in a persona. (see attached screencast)

However, the upload page rejects uploaded SVG files for the header/footer image.

While this may be appropriate for now, we'll want to change that at some point in the not-too-distant future. (Probably around the time we make the Personas Plus extension support Firefox 4.0.)

Filing this bug to track that change to the website.


9 years ago
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9 years ago
Just thinking out loud -- so one potential problem with this will be that SVG-based personas won't work for users running Firefox 3.x.  I see three options to address that.
 (A) Completely hide SVG-based personas from Firefox 3.x users

 (B) Display SVG-based personas to Firefox 3.x users, but also display a notification that "This persona uses features introduced in Firefox 4.0, so you can't use it. Sorry!"

 (C) Automatically rasterize SVG-based personas to generate an (un-animated) PNG-based version, and offer the PNG version for Firefox 3.x users.
Would SVG images work on Fennec?  Also how large are SVG images compared to jpg or png?

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8 years ago
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> Would SVG images work on Fennec?


> Also how large are SVG images compared to jpg or png?

You mean, file-size? They can be very small, (Here: "<svg></svg>" :)) or they can in theory be arbitrarily large.  It all depends on how complex the SVG is.

Since it's XML-based, there's generally a bit of file-size overhead, but SVGZ (SVG compressed with gzip) fixes that.

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8 years ago
(ideally, I'd advocate for getpersonas supporting both .svg and .svgz files)
This isn't something we'd support in since it's slated to merge with AMO in Q3, but we can revisit this after that merge is done and we start looking at ways to expand on/improve Personas in general.  Will keep this bug on file for then.
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6 years ago
OK, I filed bug 861402 on the identical problem in them.
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