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dynamic role attribute change on body doesn't affect on document role


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try document.body.setAttribute("role", "application") and check the document role. 

Marco, can you check whether this is issue for Firefox 3.6?
When we listen role attribute change then we should update roleMapEntry on the document if it was changed on document content element (nsCoreUtils::GetRoleContent). Now we recreate an accessible if the node with changed role attribute is accessible, neither body nor document is accessible so we ignore this notification.

David, wanna take this?
asking blocking because ARIA toolkits tends to set role attribute on onload() event, at this point we have created document accessible and set up roleMapEntry.
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Doesn't work in Firefox 3.6 either. At least if I add your suggested statement to an onclick handler of an element, the accessible role of the document doesn't change in either Firefox 3.6.11 nor current Minefield.
Yes, you understood right, that's one of ways to test it. Thank you.
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Locally I added a comment to the else clause:
   else {
      // Recreate the accessible because a role change is quite significant.

I'm not sure how to provide better details here.
(In reply to comment #6)

> I'm not sure how to provide better details here.

something like that:

recreate an accessible when role is changed because we might use different accessible class for new role or accessible may expose different sets of interfaces (COM restriction).
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r=me with comment fixed and mochitest added (ask Marco for additional review when tests are done).
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patch 1.1

>+      document.body.setAttribute("role","application");

Nit: Please put  a space after the comma to separate the arguments.

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Thanks all.
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> David, wanna take this?

Sure. ;)
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