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mozRequestAnimationFrame callbacks can be called after document has gone away


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It seems like a mozRequestAnimationFrame callback can still be invoked after a document has been navigated away from.  (I noticed because it causes window.document to be null.)

Reproducible: Sometimes

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open the attachment.
2. Keep reloading the page until you get the alert.
Attached file test
So this is presumably happening during paint suppression for the new document.... We do normally file event handlers during that time (and certainly reflow, restyle, etc).  So maybe we do want this behavior....
Can we check GetScriptHanderObject or whatever we did for trees? I don't think we should be dispatching events in a state where window.document is null.
Incidentally, I couldn't make a setInterval(blah, 1) run after the document has navigated away, but that might have been just because the timing is harder to hit.
So this is seems to still be true

Go to any of the samples here

The ones that animate all use mozRequestAnimationFrame.

Open the Web Console. Run a demo that animates. Pick "refresh". Notice the error messages.
Oh, I'm running FF4.0b11
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Yeah.  I'm going to look into this after we ship Fx4, but not before then.
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Attached patch Proposed fix (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This should do the trick.  Asking smaug for review of whether I'm using the right nsIDocument bit here, just in case.  With this patch, there is still a way an animation callback could get called after its document is in paint suppression: if another callback during the same refresh spins the event loop just until the document gets there.  The bookkeeping needed to avoid that doesn't seem worthwhile, honestly.  If someone really wants to call a JS function in that state, they can just grab a function reference in JS, unload the document, then call that function; they don't need help from mozRequestAnimationFrame.
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Proposed fix

You could just use GetScriptGlobalObject, since you don't care about the
out param and data documents can't use mozRequestAnimationFrame, right?
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oh, right, GetScriptGlobalObject has still the bug that it may
get the object from the docshell.

So, yes, the patch is right.
Yeah, that's why I didn't use GetScriptGlobalObject there.
The attached patch doesn't play well with bfcache.  The old state of the world doesn't either, but I think that's buggy.  I'll work on a followup to fix that.
I think this just needs a different approach.
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Attached patch Better fixSplinter Review
Now even with tests.
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