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High pitching noise only when firefox is running


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Windows 7





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Bought a new laptop Asus U35JC with Intel i3-370 cpu, first thing I did is to download my favorite browser... Firefox, though when running it as the only application I get high pitched annoying noise. in the beginning I thought it is the laptop and searched in forums, but as I observed it happened only with Firefox and forces me to use microsoft ie :( I didn't experience it with other software and that is why im filing it here as a bug, with great appreciation  for this community thank you for a wonderful browser.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Run Firefox on ASUS U35JC with Intel i3-370 wait few seconds and listen
Actual Results:  
High pitched noise, sounds like it is from the cpu fan or cpu

Expected Results:  
silence, which is the case when using other applications
I don't see what can be done here. It's not that Firefox is making that sound, right ? (and especially not on purpose)

What can happen is that Firefox uses slightly more cpu than IE, which might cause the fan to run a little faster. Maybe a little more cpu would run the fan just a little harder, which might have a different sound. But that can happen with any program that uses that amount of cpu ...
Well, googling for 

     ASUS U35JC high pitched noise

gave me several reports with other software.
It might even be a bad hdd driver, but then you need to ask Asus about it. (Personal suggestion.. try Ubuntu till you get it fixed in Win7)
I thought the same about what could be the releation between Firefox and this noise, since im not the average or beginner computer user, I tried to check around and ran programs that demands more cpu but didnt get the same pitched noise... I was reading in some forums about this noise happening when one of the cores is ideling. I do not blame Firefox but that's the only program I expirienced it happening, might be black magic???  

Igoogled as well, the fact is: not HDD, I was reading the same few forums Laxminarayan G Kamath A probably found, which the only one that made sense is the cpu frequency, while writing this, im running different programs, expirienced it unfourtanetly only with Firefox...
And I have Ubuntu on my computer ; ) , this is my girlfriends computer... still trying other programs, but wont mind if this report is removed... just disappointed she wont be able to use Firefox.
Try a software that uses the CPU at its maximum, like Prime95, if the noise is there it's the CPU fan, it's possible the CPU gets high when visiting pages with Flash content, in such a case you could install an add-on to enable Flash only on selected pages.
Otherwise whistles are often caused by defective hard drives, that would be dangerous for your data.
Actually it could even be caused by the power supply, but in such a case I'd be pretty scared (would be a very subtle whistle though, not a real noise).
Tried stress testing with prime95 except normal fan noise this pitched sound didnt appear, agaicpun it was complained in one of the forums I googeled that its due to one of the 's cores idle, but expirienced ONLY with Firefox, HDD normal sound and the sound does not come from it, but mor efrom the CPU's area.

Since this bug concern only this particular computer, it can be removed...
Version: unspecified → 3.6 Branch
Severity: normal → S3
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