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remote testing + browser-chrome yields missing testConfig.js file


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One small oversight in testing end to end browser chrome on a remote device was the testConfig.js file which contains the config parameters for browser-chrome.  This is stored in the profile directory, but created after the initial profile creation (and copy to remote device).

This patch copies the profile again after testConfig.js is created.  A simple fix.
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copy over the profile after testConfig.js is created (1.0)

I don't understand this.

We push the locally created profile to the remote device in buildProfile().  Why are you pushing it again from buildURLOptions?  This feels kind of hacky.  Why not just change when testConfig.js gets generated so that it is generated before the profile is pushed over?  If it is in the profile, shouldn't it be generated by "buildProfile()" in the base Mochitest class?
we need the logpath to be set which is done in buildurloptions (the appropriate place).  Once that is set, we can create the browser chrome options file (testConfig.js).  

I think it is broken up logically, but we could move the log file verification and setup in buildProfile.  Th code in is sort of a chicken and egg to be honest.
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copy over the profile after testConfig.js is created (1.0)

ok, since pushDir is going to be smart and only push files that don't exist on the device this will work ok r+
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