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"Assertion failure: compartment mismatched" & abort at, with NoScript


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(Keywords: assertion, Whiteboard: [compartments], fixed-in-tracemonkey)


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 0. Run a debug build of either m-c or tracemonkey, w/ fresh profile.

 1. Install NoScript (e.g. from green "INSTALL" button )  I've got version 2.0.4.  Restart to complete installation.

 2. Visit
 3. Click "Options" in noscript bar @ bottom of screen, and allow
 4. Click "Options" in noscript bar @ bottom of screen, and allow
 5. Visit URL ( )

ACTUAL RESULTS: This output in my terminal:
> *** Compartment mismatch 0x7f7f198cc800 vs. 0x7f7f0937a000
> Assertion failure: compartment mismatched, at ../../../mozilla/js/src/jscntxtinlines.h:541
... followed by an abort (or intentional crash) from the assertion-failure.

GDB back trace attached.
The attached backtrace is from an up-to-date tracemonkey debug build, BTW.
Keywords: assertion
Summary: "Assertion failure: compartment mismatched" at, with NoScript → "Assertion failure: compartment mismatched" & abort at, with NoScript
blocking2.0: --- → ?
about:plugins says I have Flash 10.1 r85.  It's from the (up-to-date) "flashplugin-installer" package in Ubuntu 10.10.
Thanks dholbert. We better fix this for b7. Probably an easy fix though.
Assignee: general → gal
I cant reproduce this. Can you help me with testing if need be?
Yup, definitely.
FWIW, I can reproduce this 100% of the time on two different Ubuntu 10.10 boxes (one x86 and one x86_64).  Both are using flash from up-to-date flashplugin-installer package.
Hardware: x86_64 → All
gal has now reproduced this and will attach a fix shortly.
I don't think this is particularly fatal in opt builds.
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(In reply to comment #8)
> I don't think this is particularly fatal in opt builds.

Right - as far as I've seen, this doesn't cause visible problems for opt builds.

(Well, my nightly build did hang the first time I viewed a page with this video embedded -- -- but I couldn't reproduce that hang later on, and it's probably unrelated anyway.)
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blocking2.0: ? → beta8+

dholbert, can you verify? (pushed to TM)
Whiteboard: [compartments], fixed-in-tracemonkey
Confirmed -- assertion-failure + abort become fixed with up-to-date tracemonkey.  (I pulled just gal's changeset from comment 12 and that fixed it.)

However, there's one issue remaining at this bug's testcase -- when I click the "play" button on the testcase, the viewport goes entirely black (aside from the video controls), and no video is visible (though I can hear the audio). This behavior persists when I disable NoScript, so it's not dependent on whatever interaction NoScript had in the assertion-failure here.  This doesn't affect my nightly opt build from today, and (in my debug build) it doesn't affect the vanilla "" version of the video.  (That is: it doesn't affect  -- it only affects in debug builds.)

This remaining issue is probably a different bug -- I'm happy to file a new bug on it, unless you think it's related to whatever was failing here.
Closed: 14 years ago
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