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speed up JSString::flatten a bit


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The attached patches tweak JSString::flatten/js_ConcatStrings.  I'm measuring a 1-2% (2-4ms) win on SS and .5% (10ms) win on V8 (SS harness -m).  A micro-benchmark under valgrind shows a 38% decrease in instruction count in flatten.
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I had a third patch that took out the "grow the left string in-place if there is room" case, but I remembered what it was for, so no change to js_ConcatStrings.  (It's for cases like

for (...) {
  x = x + "asdf";
  print(x);  // flatten x

where x is flatten on each iteration to avoid O(n^2) copying.  I think this case can be removed in bug 608776 by having flatten() do it.)
Summary: speed up JSString::flatten/js_ConcatStrings a bit → speed up JSString::flatten a bit
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optimize flatten

Andreas, I think you reviewed the initial ropes patch.
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optimize flatten

Nice profiling job Luke. ++lw
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