please use <link rel=canonical> to tel google which is the correct spelling for a document



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How to get a stacktrace with WinDbg - MDC 4 Oct 2010 ... Sometimes you need to get a stacktrace (call stack) for a Firefox crash or hang but Talkback or Breakpad fail because it's a special crasher ... - Cached

How to get a stacktrace with WinDbg - MDC How to get a stacktrace with WinDbg ... Retrieved from "https://developer ... - Cached - Similar

This will also help link shorteners to do something (according to someone from Google).

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8 years ago
Note that one of the links appears to be for Talk:, the urls for Talk: and non Talk: should have the same spelling. Ideally we'd also fix the page titles such that Google clearly indicates one of them is a talk page.


6 years ago
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Luke: Any idea why we have two versions of that page? It doesn't seem that one is redirecting to the other.

Using rel="canonical" in circumstances might make sense from an SEO point of view, but only if this is likely to happen again on Kuma.
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The 2nd link is a Talk: page - we could either use rel="canonical" on Talk: pages or at least put 'Talk:' in the title for search result listings.
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Ah. I thought the issue here was different. I noticed that the following pages both exist.

I thought this might be a problem, but I see that we rel-canonical from the second to the first. This covers the issue mentioned in comment 0.

With regard to comment 4, it looks like it would not be a good idea to rel-canonical from Talk pages to actual articles. Quoting Google documentation...

> *Must the content on a set of pages be similar to the content on the canonical version?*
> Yes. The rel="canonical" attribute should be used only to specify the
> preferred version of many pages with identical content (although minor
> differences, such as sort order, are okay).

Marking as fixed and resolving the needinfo, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
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