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Focus rings and default style for :-moz-ui-invalid should be re-thought


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The focus ring _and_ the red box shadow is shown which isn't really nice.

Possible solutions:
1. Remove the default style when the element has the focus ;
2. Remove the focus ring when the element has :-moz-ui-invalid applying (and make the box shadow bigger?) ;
3. Change the default style so it still works with the focus ring.

I think that 1. wouldn't be really nice for UX, 2. would have to be reverted by authors which might be annoying and 3. isn't easy.
One of the possibilities is to have a lighter box-shadow when the element is focused. Like this:
data:text/html,<style>:invalid.proposal { box-shadow: 0 0 2px 2px rgba(255,0,0,0.4); }</style><input class='proposal' type='email'><br><br><input type='email'>

The first input has a lighter box-shadow but not the second one. I think the focus ring is more visible but I'm not sure it will solve possible a11y issues.

What do you think?
Should that block? It might be an issue for accessibility (color blind people) and it's a very bad UI. I think we should try to found a solution for Firefox 4.
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Jonas and Alexander, could you try that with a nightly build and give me your feedbacks.
Assuming we just want this fainter "ring" when an element has focus (rather than any time it is invalid) then it looks good to me.
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Exactly. This new test reflect better.
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Hmm, maybe we should try to have this different style only when there is a focus ring but as far as I can test, GTK themes without focus ring have :-moz-focusring applying so I don't see what this is for. I will check when I will write the patch.
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Alexander, you can test that with the attached test case.
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Patch v1

Works for me!
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Patch v1

r=dbaron.  Sorry for the delay getting to this.
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