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Allow users to stay signed in longer (twitter oauth cookie)


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After a short period of inactivity, users are automatically signed out and need to sign in again. We should look into how we can extend the session duration. Not sure if this is a Twitter OAuth issue or a setting in Django.
Whiteboard: 2.3.1+
Target Milestone: 2.3.1 → 2.3.2
I'll see what I can figure out....
Assignee: nobody → erik
It hasn't signed me out in 30 minutes. How short is short?
I believe short is around 1-3 hours. I think we're hitting the session duration because of Twitter OAuth, since each time the user "signs in" to the page they have to allow the Army of Awesome page to post to their twitter account. Ideally, we'd store the OAuth info somewhere server side and users would sign into the site (possibly with a SUMO account) instead of going through twitter each time. That's the flow for most twitter apps and a goal for a future milestone.

With this bug I was hoping to see if there are any short-term fixes to get the most out of the current session handling.

Jesse, what have your experiences been with Army of Awesome sessions ending? Any recommendations?
This is interesting, because Twitter claims not to expire their OAuth tokens:
Target Milestone: 2.3.2 → Future
Assignee: erik → nobody
Whiteboard: 2.3.1+
Summary: Allow users to stay signed in longer → Allow users to stay signed in longer (twitter oauth cookie)
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Duplicate of this bug: 753198
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I think if we put the token in the session instead of a cookie, we are good. It shouldn't be too complicated... famous last words
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Today is the last day of the sprint, this isn't going to make it.
Target Milestone: 2012.10 → 2012.11
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