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Retire jsmodules and move tests to fx-sync


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All the useful bits (Preferences.js, Observers.js, Sync.js) from found their way to fx-sync and subsequently mozilla-central. There, Preferences.js has been modified slightly to accommodate Sync's needs (see bug 573048 and bug 594068 for backporting) while Sync.js has outstanding bugs (bug 612206).

I propose to retire the jsmodules repository and acknowledge that fx-sync is the official place for them now. Subsequently I'd like to bring over the relevant unit tests to fx-sync.
Adding Myk, owner of the jsmodules repository.
Variants of some of these modules have also made their way to the Add-on SDK.

At this point, the JS Modules project and repository has outlived its usefulness, and Firefox chrome consumers should use the modules that landed in mozilla-central for sync, while addon developers use the ones in the SDK, so I agree that we should retire the project and its repository as yet another "labs experiment graduating to production feature/product" success story (drinking the requisite champagne in the process)!
Hooray! More champagne! ;) Remember this page?

If any of those haven't made it into mozilla-central, we could move them to github.
(In reply to comment #3)
> If any of those haven't made it into mozilla-central, we could move them to
> github.

I see this has been done already (, but I don't think it was really necessary...

JSON.js:         built in now
Mixins.js:       meh (Object.create anyone?!?)
Observers.js:    ships with Sync
Preferences.js:  ships with Sync
StringBundle.js: ships with Sync
Sync.js:         ships with Sync, but evil evil evil
URI.js:          meh (NetUtil.newURI anyone?!?)
Landed tests for Observers.js and Preferences.js:
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I'm going to assume this merged months ago.
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