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Fix a typo in nsSessionStore.js


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

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Firefox 8


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browser.loadURI(tabData.userTypedValue, null, null, true) is a wrong call.

For browser, we have APIs:
function loadURI(aURI, aReferrerURI, aCharset)
function loadURIWithFlags(aURI, aFlags, aReferrerURI, aCharset, aPostData)

For tabbrowser, we have APIs:
function loadURI(uri, referrer, postData, allowThirdPartyFixup)

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True. It's not going to be harmful passing an extra param, but might as well fix it.

Hmm, actually we might want to have this do the same thing as loadURI from browser.js and call loadURIWithFlags directly so that we get the third party fixup flag set.
Version: unspecified → Trunk
Yes, please set the third party fixup flag.
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patch v2

>diff --git a/browser/components/sessionstore/src/nsSessionStore.js b/browser/components/sessionstore/src/nsSessionStore.js
>--- a/browser/components/sessionstore/src/nsSessionStore.js
>+++ b/browser/components/sessionstore/src/nsSessionStore.js
>@@ -2911,18 +2911,21 @@ SessionStoreService.prototype = {
>     if (tabData.userTypedValue) {
>       browser.userTypedValue = tabData.userTypedValue;
>       if (tabData.userTypedClear) {
>         // Make it so that we'll enter restoreDocument on page load. We will
>         // fire SSTabRestored from there. We don't have any form data to restore
>         // so we can just set the URL to null.
>         browser.__SS_restore_data = { url: null };
>         browser.__SS_restore_tab = aTab;
>+        if (didStartLoad)
>+          browser.stop();

I guess it doesn't hurt, but is there any particular reason you're calling stop here?
Parallel loading might lead to some abnormality? I'm not sure, but I read that we often stop "about:blank" loading.
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