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Remove ancient /extensions/access-builtin/


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/extensions/access-builtin/ landed in bug 65158, as apparently the second bit of a11y ever, after browse-with-caret. According to the readme, it will dump what would be spoken by a text-to-speech engine to the console (if you ignore all the bits of discussion about how to build it in the 2001 build system, and get the extension name right so you can build it), but looking at the actual code, it appears that all it will actually do is dump the name of the events when its listeners for keyup, keypress, focus, load and click are called, only if you also uncomment the define for NS_DEBUG_ACCESS_BUILTIN.

That's it. We've kept it around, touching it in tree-wide changes, for going on 10 years, to be able to create event listeners and dump event names to the console. It's a fascinating historical artifact, but given the lack of history in the hg conversion, it can live out its life as a historical artifact just fine in the CVS repo.

Eventually, bug 536237 will pick up steam again, and you'll either have to remove it or move it into /accessibility/ and wire up a way to build it there, which would be pointless. Simpler just to get rid of it now.
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hg rm

The code isn't very useful as is, I wondered if the idea underlying this code works still. Aaron said we can remove it from hg and anybody can get it if needed if it can be reached in cvs. I'm fine with that.
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Yeah delete it.

philor: davidb: do you know anything about
davidb: philor: no but i could find out more
davidb: philor: why?
philor: davidb: I think it hasn't ever done anything, and should just be removed
davidb: philor: let me check real quick with some peeps

Looks like one of the peeps has r+'ed already :)

Note, we might need to do something like this on fennec/android, but we can revisit it then.
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And not that I think anyone will ever need it for anything, but since hg doesn't really delete, it'll never be truly gone and nobody needs to go to CVS for it: hg up -r a99f870ea8b7 and there it'll be.
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