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Shadow of add-on name and version should only be vertical


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With the landing of bug 601022 we now have a shadow for the add-on name and version. This shadow isn't only drawn at the bottom, but also to the right. IMO this gives a much harder graduation. The effect is too extreme.
Blocks: 601022
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Version: 1.9.2 Branch → Trunk
Hmm, maybe on OSX, where the light source is generally coming from above. But on Windows, the light source is always coming from the top left - having the shadow only below the characters looks out of place, IMO. But there are other ways the shadow can be made less hard.
The shadow's definitely too strong on OSX right now.  Decreasing the opacity of the shadow should do the trick.  I can't run Windows at the moment - Henrick, old chap, could you possibly attach a screenshot of what you're seeing?
Thanks for the screenshot ( ) Blair!  Let's keep the light source up and to the left on Windows for consistency.  But you're right, Henrick: on OSX and Windows the shadow is too strong and too big.  Can we reduce the opacity and make it smaller, like the attached (30% opacity, white, 1px high, vertical on OSX)?
Same screenshot attached for Windows.  Looks like in the mocks, Shorlander and I were both using vertical shadows after all.  Blair, what part of Windows are you referring to with the up-and-to-the-left light source?
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> Blair, what part of Windows are
> you referring to with the up-and-to-the-left light source?

All of Windows UI, everywhere, since Win95? I guess its less pronounced in Win7. And I can't think of any example that has text-shadows.

I'll play around with it. Having the shadow be less opaque will make it look  better, I think. Though its competing with different backgrounds (normal, disabled, various stripes), which is why I originally made the shadow so strong.
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