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send notification and hint states atomically with focus


(Core :: IPC, defect)




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see bug 615208 for some discussion of what could go wrong
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> see bug 615208 for some discussion of what could go wrong
from cjones:

Also, I think Matt was onto a second bug lurking here.  I think that in
PuppetWidget::OnIMEFocusChange(), we need to send the result of
SendNotifyIMEFocus() atomically with the result of the immediately-after
OnIMETextChange(), which can end up sending TextHint and TextChange.  Otherwise
an IME event sent from chrome could race with those results and result in those
being discarded in the parent.  If that happened, we would see the same
symptoms as the above bug.  I'd like to fix that too, but I guess it doesn't
need to block b3 since it seems fairly improbable that it would happen in the
wild.  Followup suits me.
Chris should this block?
I wouldn't at this point, since we're apparently not seeing this in the field.
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