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Disable button won't work for add-ons that were just installed prior to restart


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When you try to disable add-ons you just installed via the Search function, the Disable button won't work. No matter how many times you click it, it won't disable the add-on nor display any other message.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to Tools > Add-ons.
2. Search for any kind of add-on.
3. Install an add-on from the results list.
4. Click the Disable button.

Clicking the Disable button does nothing (not even display an error message) until Firefox has been restarted.
Right now this disable button is useless. There would be two options:

* Hide it so we don't expose an action which is not possible at this stage
* Make it work, so after the restart the extension is disabled
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It works if you insist with clicking 

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This is broken in a few ways. The API claims to support enabling/disabling of pending add-ons, trying to change that does take effect but sends no events to update the UI about it and doesn't save that change to disk so it gets lost anyway on restart.

It's unlikely that supporting disabling before restart is going to be terribly useful so the easiest fix is to just hide the disabled button from the UI.
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This make it so uninstalled add-ons don't claim to be disablable thus hiding the button from the UI.
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