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Warn on access of LSProgressEvent.position, LSProgressEvent.totalSize


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Like this?
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Patch v1

>+static void
>+ReportUseOfDeprecatedMethod(nsDOMProgressEvent* aPresContext, const char* aWarning)
Strangely named parameter.

>+  nsContentUtils::ReportToConsole(nsContentUtils::eDOM_PROPERTIES,
>+                                  aWarning,
>+                                  nsnull, 0,
>+                                  aInner->PresContext()->Document()->GetDocumentURI(),
>+                                  EmptyString(), 0, 0,
>+                                  nsIScriptError::warningFlag,
>+                                  "DOM Events");
Does this really work? How do you guarantee that PresContext() doesn't return null.
And I think we should report the warning only once per document.
(We do that for nsDocument::GetBoxObjectFor)
Perhaps you could use the target of the event to get the document?
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I didn't even realize I already had a patch here...
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Patch v2

>+nsXMLHttpProgressEvent::WarnAboutLSProgressEvent(nsIDocument::DeprecatedOperations aOperation)
>+  nsPresContext* presContext = mInner->GetPresContext();
>+  if (!presContext) {
>+    return;
>+  }
Is presContext actually ever set?

I think it would be better to add something so that you could get
document from the target of the event.
(XHR's owner's document)
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I found a Window... Does this look better?
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And now a try that builds...
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Patch v3.1

>   // Use nsDOMProgressEvent so that we can forward
>   // most of the method calls easily.
>   nsRefPtr<nsDOMProgressEvent> mInner;
>+  nsCOMPtr<nsPIDOMWindow> mWindow;
You need to add this to cycle collection

>diff --git a/content/events/src/nsDOMEvent.h b/content/events/src/nsDOMEvent.h
>--- a/content/events/src/nsDOMEvent.h
>+++ b/content/events/src/nsDOMEvent.h
>@@ -218,16 +218,19 @@ public:
>   static PopupControlState GetEventPopupControlState(nsEvent *aEvent);
>   static void PopupAllowedEventsChanged();
>   static void Shutdown();
>   static const char* GetEventName(PRUint32 aEventType);
>+  nsPresContext* GetPresContext() { return mPresContext; }
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PositionWarning=Use XMLHttpRequest's progress events' position attribute is deprecated.
TotalSizeWarning=Use XMLHttpRequest's progress events' totalSize attribute is deprecated.

I suppose it should be "Use of" instead of "Use", but honestly I have big problems translating this string. Could you please try to rephrase it or give an equivalent sentence?
flod, what this means is that:
- XMLHttpRequest progress events have attributes called "position" and "totalSize".
- Use of these attributes is now deprecated and they will be removed at a later time.
- When a web developer uses these attributes, he'll get this warning telling them not to use these attributes.

To rephrase this for you:

'Using the "position'/'totalSize' attributes of XMLHttpRequest progress events is deprecated'

Hope this makes it clear for you. :)
(In reply to Marek Stępień :marcoos from comment #10)
> Hope this makes it clear for you. :)

Yes, a lot clearer. I already translated in this way, but now I'm sure that's right ;-)
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