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Better define the interaction between innerWidth/Height and the meta viewport tag


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Spun off from Bug 602580. There we changed (are changing) innerWidth and innerHeight to return and set the CSS Viewport is a custom CSS Viewport is in use. However, there don't seem to be any strict definitions of how this should be done. Especially in the case of setting innerWidth and innerHeight, the interaction between setting innerHeight/Width in js and using the meta viewport tag should be defined. Which one takes precedence?
I wonder if this is related to this Web Compat issue.

> This site has a meta viewport tag saying width=540 
> and hard-coded widths in the content of around 640px or larger. 
> Seems other browser engines do more adaptations/zooming 
> to make the page fit the imaginary 540px wide viewport.
Adding Mike and David for the Web Compat issues.
Webcompat Priority: --- → ?
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