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Pause button shows when video goes full screen


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When you open up a video in fullscreen the pause control is shown. Tapping on it (to pause) and then starting the video again, the controls disappear.

1.) Open an html5 video using our controls (
2.) Long tap
3.) Open fullscreen
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This is a very hacky way of doing this.

The problem here is that we are starting the video using, which doesn't cause the controls to hide (they are only hidden by clicking on the play button). Not a lot of great use cases I can think of for web sites to leave our controls visible and also control the video dynamically.

However we can alternatively set the autoplay attribute on the video. If you use autoplay, we run into a separate bug. Namely, the first click fired on the video (presumably to show the controls) also fires a mouseover on the video via EventStateManager:

The mouseover shows the controls, and when the mouseup is fired, it sees that they are showing (in transition) and hides them. So we need some method to know that even though the controls are hidden=false they are not showing yet. As far as I know, the least disruptive means of doing that (i.e. not messing with the main firefox video control bindings) is listening to transitionend events? I played with that for a bit, and kept running into situations where the controls would not appear or would disappear under the wrong circumstances.

The hacky approach just fires the initial mouseover and click on the video element itself rather than calling
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Hacky Patch

nit: Use 'let' not 'var'
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