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When device has no wireless connection (wifi or cell) jpake screen has no code


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Well, the bug is really that we show a page with a blank jpake section.  We should check to see if there's any network connection before we let you get to this screen.
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It might just be about having a network connection -- but handling network errors (no route to host).  For example, when I connect to a open wifi network I have a internet connection, but I am restricted to only one IP until I sign in (e.g. MozillaGuest).

i think there might be two parts to this problem:

1) handle network failure more gracefully with some feedback to the user.

2) show some progress indicator (a wheel?) from the time the screen displays until the time we have the code.
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I have something in progress that looks like this. A loading indication while we get codes, and a simple error message if we detect a problem.

I also added some options to show when there is a failure (Retry and Manual Setup). Retry reloads the jpake page. Manual Setup is the same as clicking on the "I'm not near my computer" button. I hate having duplicated UI there, but wanted some feedback before I ran any further cleaning things up or writing better strings.
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Here's what we do in Firefox Home around the same issues.

Before we go to the screen with the jpake code in it, we check to see if there's a network connection.  If there is not, we show this:

(so a user is never looking at a blank jpake code page - now that we're using a android-style dialog instead of the black screen, we could throw up a smaller one for this message)

If there is a network connection, so the user gets to the jpake screen, but there's _then_ a problem, we show the following:

Where "Manual Setup" goes to the enter your codes screen.
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Implements the same dialogs as Firefox Home. For two network error conditions we show the "No network" dialog. For all others we show a dialog with "Try Again", "Manual Setup", and "Cancel". Screenshots in a sec.
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Patch v1

>-    this.jpake.receiveNoPIN();
>+    //this.jpake.receiveNoPIN();
>+    setTimeout((function() {
>+    }).bind(this), 1000);

Say what?

>+sync.setup.error.title=Cannot Setup Sync
> internet connection available
>+sync.setup.error.nodata=%S could not connect to Sync. Would you like to try again?
>+sync.setup.tryagain=Try again
>+sync.setup.manual=Manual Setup

"Manual setup"

r- until the "poo" is explained
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Made a few changes here. Now checks for network connectivity before showing the dialog at all. does not seem to work, but the nsINetworkLinkService does (using airplane mode to test).

Also updated the "Try again" code slightly.
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Patch v2 - Poo-less

>+    // XXX: is lying to us, so we use the NetworkLinkService instead

Drop the "XXX:", leave the comment
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Build ID: Mozilla /5.0 (Android;Linux armv7l;rv:2.2a1pre) Gecko/20110406 Firefox/4.2a1pre Fennec /4.1a1pre 

Device: Motorola Droid 2 (Android 2.2)
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